• Fluid Luxury

    Combining luxe finishes with adaptable, flexible sliding solutions — explore more at the Hawa Experience Centre Today.

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  • Fluid Luxury

    Combining luxe finishes with adaptable, flexible sliding solutions — explore more at the Hawa Experience Centre Today.

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The Hawa Experience Centre: Fluid Luxury

The yesteryears of traditional, single-purpose hotels have faded. Now, the way consumers interact with a brand has caused a shift in function. Multi-functional, adaptable spaces are more in demand than ever — hotels now serve as a multi-stop destination, housing restaurants, co-working spaces, gyms, and more. 


Hawa Singapore brings to you best-in-class sliding solutions for fluid luxury in Singapore. Our newly refurbished showroom located at houses all of our innovative solutions — book your tour with us today and explore the many creative applications of Hawa’s sliding solutions.

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Fluid Luxury solutions in the Hawa Experience Centre

Hospitality establishments no longer just serve the purpose of a place to sleep in for the night. Now, they are a restaurant, an office, a gym, and more. For guests, expectations are higher due to more needs for their hotel room to double as their office, dining room, bedroom, and more. 

Both common spaces and personal rooms today need to be more versatile than ever. There is an increasing trend for physical spaces to reflect the versatile, ever-changing nature of their inhabitants, turning a living space into a multi-function premise for flexible use and needs. Find out more at the Hawa Singapore Experience Centre.

"People are more aware now and lifestyles are changing, and these lifestyles simple require a different spatial environment."  

- Raphael Gielgen, Head of Research and Trend Scouting, Vitra

Take a look at how multi-functional, adaptable spaces can be achieved with Hawa's sliding solutions in Kim and David's apartment down below. 

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Featured Fluid Luxury solutions in the Hawa Experience Centre

Hawa Concepta

Conceal pocket kitchens and mini offices in hotel rooms with a single push or pull. The Hawa Concepta can be configured into 2, 3, or 4 door systems that allow full access to the entire cabinet width, hiding or revealing living areas as and when it's needed.

Hawa Variofold

Can be used with no bottom track for a seamless finish. The Hawa Centrefold is for wooden or glass accordion walls, creating movable walls that divide and rejoin rooms when needed in restaurants, function rooms, and more.

Hawa Telescopic

Simultaneously slide multiple doors apart with one movement. The Hawa Telescopic creates  larger access entryways and open can create larger work or living spaces with a space-saving, door pocket solution.

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